Max gets ice cream from Gram and some coffee from Grim. Max says, "Thank you sir," which is a suprise to him, Grim, and Gram. He says he didn't know where the words even came from. Grim calls Max son, which suprises Max alot, but also makes him very happy. Grim has always called Max simply, Maxwell or "that boy" so when he calls him son, Max finally knows that Grim cares about him.


Max- In this chapter, Max comes home to find that his grandparents are very "proud" of their grandson to know that he defended "the crippled boy" aka Freak

                                                                                              Grim.                                                                                                                  .                                                                                                   Grim is very proud to have max as his grandson in this chapter.  When gram gets max ice cream, grim objects and gives Max a cop of coffee

Gram Gram is excited that max is getting along with freak she, like grim, is proud of him and tries to reward him. Blade


Sentimental- having or showing tender, gentle, or delicate feelings.

Bratty-Being a brat, illmannered

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