The Fair Gwen invites Max over for dinner because she feels that she had hurt Max's feelings from before, and they have lots of fun. They had hot dogs and potato salad, which is realy good and, which he thinks is alot better than his grams. Max was laughing so hard he was choking on his hot dog! Then Max finds out that Fair Gwen is a really nice person. Max had an amazing time finally having a friend! He goes home crying because he is so happy!


Max- a large kid who is in the eighth grade and is feared by almost everybody except for his grandparents and Freak. He also lives in the basement which he calls, "The down under."

Freak- Kevin Avery aka Freak, is a kid with birth disorder and has a very big imagination.

Gram- In this chapter we learn that Gram is a caring person, and is careful not to invade Max's privacy.

The Fair Gwen- Gwen Avery is Freak's mother, she is afraid of Max at first but she is embarrased and invites Max over for dinner because he looked like his Dad at first.


Regurgitate- to rush or surge back

Depleted- to reduce or lessen in quantity, value, or effectiveness

Tenements- a building to live in, esp. one intended rent

Spastic- a person suffering from muscular spasms

Expel- to force or drive out

Goon- a slang word for a stupid, foolish, or akward person.

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