Max and his father go into the burned down part of the Tenaments. Killer Kane goes to see what is taking Iggy so long. While he is gone Lorette comes and unties Max. While she is untieng him, Killer Kane comes and starts to choke her. Max then says,"I know what you did, I know you killed her." He explains that he remembers seeing him kill his mother and he explains to him that he saw him choke her. Kenny then goes to the little boy Max and says that your dreaming and puts him back into his room. Then Killer Kane wants to get rid of the evidence and tries to kill Max, but Freak comes to the rescue! Hooray for Freak! ==Characters== Iggy and Loretta Lee- They are trying to save Max from his father because they know that he is really a very dangerous man. Loretta tries to free max while Iggy is stalling Kenny but he finds out. Kenny Kane- He tries to kill both Max and Loretta Lee. ==Vocabulary== Sulfuric acid: an extremely powerful corrosive acid used in explosives and chemicals. puny- small ==Discussion Questions== Link to DQ - Chapter 19