The first chapter introduces us to the main characters Max and Freak. They first met in Day Care and then they meet up again in the summer before eighth grade. We find out they both have disabilities. Freak had some problems with his legs, where he had to wear leg braces and Max has to take an L.D. class because he cant read really good so he had to take the class. He finds out that freak is his teacher. We also find out that Max's mother is dead and his father may have been involved. Max's grandparents Gram and Grim are afraid Max got his bad behaviour from his father. Gram and Grim call Max's father "Him," and are forever and ever comparing Maxwell to him.


Max(well) - First off, he hates the name Maxwell. He would rather be called Max. Maxwell is a violent and not a very smart kid. Some of his favourite activities are hurting and kicking people, which is where he got his daycare nickname, "Kicker." In Daycare all he wanted was to have crutches, but once he saw Freak's leg braces, he wanted a pair of those. But he never kicked Freak. He also hates hugs. Maxwell lives with his grandparents, Grim and Gram. He has other nicknames such as Mad Max and Max Factor. He doesn't know very much about his parent's, except for that his father is in jail and that his mother got choked to death by his father, Kenny Kanesurgar.

Kevin Avery (Freak) - Freak was in Max's daycare center. He is very short, has yellow hair, has weird fierce eyes, and used to use crutches, but now has leg braces or "robot legs" making robot noises around the playground. He never saw Max again until he moved into the duplex in his neighbourhood in the 8th grade. Freak lives with his mother, Fair Gwen of Air, in a duplex down the street from Max's house. Freak's Dad left him when he heard his son being disabled and left him.

Gram and Grim- Grim and Gram are Max's grandparents, and they are forever comparing Maxwell to "Him." (Max's father) Grim and Gram are Max's mother's parents. The book doesn't say what happened to Max's dad, but we know his mother had perished. Because of this, Gram and Grim look after Maxwell. Max's Father went to prison because he murdered Max’s mother by strangling her.

Gwen Avery- Fair Gwen of Air is Freak's mother. She has beautiful brown hair. Gwenevire has died, she kind of is like a long, lost, cherished daughter.

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Unvanquished - not conquered, or undefeated

L.D. - learning disorder

Duplex-a building with two homes in it or a house that has two units sharing a common wall resembles- having similar qualities and likeness

leg braces - helps freak walk

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