Max wants something to drink after the fireworks so he quickly heads towards the food cart, but he runs into Blade (Tony D.) and his gang. Freak is still on Max's shoulders when Blade and his gang come along. Max begins to lose focus of where to go, but Freak is his brain. He nudges the side that they need to go, and Max begins to catch on and so Max just runs for his life. They both come to a point where they are in a front of a pond and can go no where else, but Freak nudges Max to go forward, so he does. Max trudges into the pond with Freak still on his shoulders. Blade follows, but gets stuck in the mud before Max does. Max gets stuck too, and nearly drowns himself trying to save Freak. Luckily, Freak whistles as loud as he can, and the police catch Blade and his gang, they also rescue Max and Freak from the pond, and Max comes home looking like a hero.Grim and Gram first think that he is acting like his father [Killer Kane], but they find out that he's done something good. After that Grim gives him a cup of coffee with sugar, and calls him son, instead of "that kid". Then calls him Max again. then Gram tells him how worried she was when she saw the police car . Then she was happy because Max helped Freak.


Max- A boy who is in 8th grade and failed 7th grade twice

Freak(Kevin)- A small boy with a disese Who is really smart and gets help by Max

Gram and Grim- Max's Grandparents

Insert Characters that appear Edit


Idiot- a person of subnormal intelligence

Nanosecond- one billionth of a second

Reeboks- a brand of shoes

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