Freak and Max go on a quest or a treasure hunt and dress up in black, so no one will see them in the middle of the night to retrieve "treasure" from a storm drain. They find the treasure, a purse that was shoved down there by Blade and his gang, but who does it belong to? They find an I.D. in it belonging to Loretta Lee. They have to return the treasure to "The Damsel of Distress," in the New Testaments, but soon realize she is not a damsel in distress, she is a damsel that causes distress. She realizes that Max Kane was Killer Kane's boy and invites him in for some tea.


Max and Freak are on an adventure to give the treasure back to the "Damsel of Destress" the treasure was stolen now returned by two brave knights.


Optimum- the greatest degree of

Oh-three- hundred hours- three o' clock

Dungarees- work clothes; denim

Fealty- promising to be faithful

Grotty- a slang word meaning seedy, wretched, or dirty

Damsel- a woman or girl of noble birth.

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