Max got sent to the principal's office again, but this time he went alone. When he got there Mrs. Addison wanted to tell him something about his father, but he covered his ears so he couldnt hear what she was saying. They even had to call the nurse in to calm him down. After that he went to lunch with Freak, who asks for American Chop Suey (aka: gruel). Freak ate too fast and was not able to breath, Max didn't know what to say or do wot get attension, so he started to jump up and down and screaming HELP, HELP, like a baby! so they called an ambulance right away, and he went to the hospital. Max was very worried about Freak. Freak stays there for two whole weeks, which are the longest two weeks Max has ever experienced. Max Didn't know what to do for those two weeks.


Mrs. Addison- Mrs. Addison is the principal of the school and dresses like she works in a bank. She is also a very nice person.

Max- Max doesn't like hearing about his father.

Freak- Freak really likes American Chop Suey, and he likes it so much that he eats it too fast and chokes on it. He has to stay in the hospital for two whole weeks.


dyslexic- a reading disorder

disabled-unable to do something a regular person can do

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