In this chapter Max is really depressed. He sits down in the down under for days and days, because Freak was dead and he thought he had nothing else to live for. Gram and Grim kept knocking on the door and said things like, you should come up for Gram's sake, or Grim's sake. He's in the down under so long, that he misses Freak's funeral. The Fair Gwen ended up moving away because she couldn't stand to live in her house without Freak. She moved and started a new life and found a boyfriend. Eventually school starts and no one gives a whale about max. Max feels as if they're sad because Freak died and even Blade comes to apologize. He was sitting on the bench this winter and Loretta came up to him and told him "Doing nothing is a drag, kid". She then told him think about it so Max did, and he took out the blank book that Freak gave him and started writing a book about the adventures Max and Freak had together, until he finished the entire book that spring. He never wrote a book before, and at the last page he wrote about writing his book.