In this chapter, Max has to go to the hospital to get x-rays done but everything seems to be fine. Lorette Lee also has to go to the hospital and get x-rays done too, but she has a broken neck, so she has to wear a brace for her neck for some time, but she'll live. Max goes to court to testify against his dad who pleads guilty to all charges before the trial even begins! Gram is scared of Killer Kane kidnapping Max again so she brings him upstairs and he sleeps on a foldout. Even though Killer Kane is in prison for 40 more years Gram is still worried. Killer Kane is supposed to be out when he is even older than Grim. Gram tells Max that he will understand everything when he grows up, but what she doesn't know is that, that growing up scares max the most in his life.


Max- he is a tall kid who failed 7th grade twice



Grim- In this chapter, Grim shows that he cares about Max by worrying about him and what happened to him while he was kidnapped

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