Do you think it’s unfair that people say “Poor Kevin”? Why or why not?Edit

It is unfair that people say "Poor Kevin" because just because you aren't growing doesn't mean you can say Poor Kevin. It would probably make him feel bad. You treat people the way you want them to treat you back.

If you say poor Kevin you might make him feel like he is different, not normal, and can't do anything.

What is the importance of the quest? What makes it different than the others?Edit

The quest is important because they are going to retrieve a ladie's purse that Blade and his gang stole from her and put in the storm drain. This quest is different because they are helping someone and when they go on their quest it is 3:00a.m.

IWhat is the setting of this story? Does it have a particular place and time?Edit

The setting of the story is in Cincinnati,OH. It takes place in the late 80's or early 90's

Why is the setting an important part of this story?Edit

It is important because without the setting you cant get a feel for what there going through. You can sometimes tell the main character's personality based on the setting

What does the outfit that Freak wears tell us about his personality?Edit

It tells us that he likes star wars and is kind of nerdy. I think his personality is that he is very serious about different quests and that he plans to accomplish them.

What treasure did they find? Was it really a treasure?Edit

They found a purse that was stolen by Blade and his gang in the storm drain, it was a treasure even if it belonged to someone else ,they got to return the purse back to "a damsel in distress".They did the right thing in returning the purse.

Why does the author write the last paragraph the way he did?Edit

He wrote it to show that they were like King Arthur and the knights of the round table. They saved possesions, and somewhat is a damsel in distress

What do you think will happen in the next chapter?Edit

I think next chapter they will run into Blade and his gang. I also think it will be good.