Why do you think the apartments are called the “New Testaments”?Edit

"Tenements" sounds like "Testaments," and people are generally more familiar with testaments.

How are the New Testaments described?Edit

They smelled like sour milk and fish and it was described as a trash can due to the cans lying around.

What is going through Max’s and Freak’s minds when they enter the apartment?Edit

Freak and Max are thinking that they'd better get out of there quick, because they seem scared and they think it might be dangerous. The place seemed like it was abandoned and that only poor, mean, and drunk people lived there. They also might think that they could get kidnapped by Iggy and Loretta because they seem like scary people.

Why does Max leave out the part about dressing in black and the quest?Edit

He didn't have to. Iggy and Loretta didn't ask for any of that information, just where they got the purse. He also probably felt humiliated for dressing in black and doing all that just to get her purse.

How does Max describe Iggy and Loretta’s apartment?Edit

Max describes the apartment as dirty, messy, and has beer cans all over the floor.

How does Max feel hearing all this information about his father?Edit

I think Max is angry after hearing this information because his father is a terrible person and he doesn't want to be reminded of it so he tries to leave as soon as possible before his anger gets the best of him.

What was your reaction to Loretta’s comment about Freak’s father?Edit

My reaction was that if Loretta knew his father maybe they had something to do with the crime that he committed. I thought that what Loretta said about Freak's Father being a magician was very rude.