What does He mean when he says Max has had “his mind poisoned against him”?Edit

He mean's that they told Max lies about what really happened about Max's dad. They didn't want Max to like "him" so they made sure Max was scared of him! They said he was a really mean father and they never wanted to talk about him. Gram and Grim were trying to protect Max from what everybody was afraid of. They didn't want people to judge Max for what his father was known for doing.

Why do you think Max is feeling numb?Edit

Max is feeling numb because he is cold, scared of his dad, and has no idea what to think right now.

Max says “looking at those eyes is like asking to have a bad dream.” Has anything ever frightened you this much? What?Edit

Yes! Mr. Schreoder and his office. Looking into his eyes when he isn't happy is scary.

Max’s weird thought is, “He (Kenny Kane) doesn’t need a suit of armor.” Then he says, “He doesn’t need anything except what he is.” What do these statements mean?Edit

It means that his father is strong enough on his own. He is so tall and big Max deosn't think he needs any protecting gear. It would be almost impposible for him to take his father down even with any protecting gear.

Why does Kenny go to Iggy and Loretta? Why do you think Kenny is doing what he’s doing? What do you think will happen?Edit

Kenny goes to Iggy's and Loretta's so he canhide out for one night with his son one on one, because Iggy owes him a favor, and to show Max he is not "Killer Kane" even though he is.