How do you think Max feels about being kidnapped by his father?Edit

I think Max feels scared because his father is a murderer and he might kill Max just like he killed Max's mother.

Why doesn't he fight back or try to escape?Edit

Max doesn't fight back or try to escape because he knows his father is stronger and faster than him and will catch him if he tries to escape.

Why does Kenny feel the need to tie Max to the chair?Edit

How does it make you feel when Kenny is talking about the “injustice” that has been done to him? Edit

It makes me angry. What about the "injustice" done to Max's mother?

Do you think Kenny really means what he said? Why or why not?Edit

I think he means what he said since he tried to tell him the truth and he even went to go get his son even though he was on parole and would go to jail if he got caught

I think he means what he said because he does not want to admit that he is a criminal