Why is it funny that Max says, “Daddy!” Don’t 8th graders just use “Dad”?Edit

He's probably saying daddy because Max hasn't seen him since he was four years old and he probably used to always call him daddy. Something just came over him telling him to say that. He also could've said that so Kenny Kane would realize that he is Max's father, and that this wasn't what good dads did.

When Max says that Kenny is made of “iron and steel” he’s obviously not serious. What literary tool is being used?Edit

Iron and steel is relating to his muscle and his fat and that he is very big and tall.

What gets Kenny to stop? What’s so important?Edit

First, Max started to scream, "You killed her he said many times (Max's mom)" so that made Kenny stop choking Loretta. Then, Freak with a squirt gun supposedly filled with sulfuric acid but is not. It is important because it saves Max's life.

What would you be thinking if you were Max right at this moment?Edit

If I was Max I would be wondering how Freak found me, what is he doing here, and what is really in his squirt gun. I would also be scared of what Max's father is going to do to Freak.

What is so bad about H2SO4?Edit


Sulfuric acid is very good because it can do noting through your skin very vidintkne ery badly.