How would you feel if your friend was in the hospital and you couldn’t see him/her?Edit

I would feel scared because he or she could die. I would be sad because I wouldn't be able to see them. I would feel very sad and almost want to be in there instead of him. I would not feel happy at all.

Why is Max scared?Edit

Max is scared because he thinks Freak is going to die, or that he would change and they couldn't be Freak the Mighty anymore.

What picture is in your head right now?Edit

Freak lying on a hospital bed with tubes in his arms and chest. He looks really pale and tired.

How important is the gift that Freak gives to Max?Edit

The gift is very important because that is the last thing Freak gives to Max before he dies and Max can know that Freak believes he is smart.

What do you think about Freak’s new “Bionic body”?Edit

i think i would be a good idea if we had the technology to make him one and give him a new body

i think it's a bad idea because God made him to be like this, so God has a plan for him, and maybe that plan is to die because of growing organs in his body.

I think it's a good idea so Kevin a.k.a Freak can get a real body and get around more.

I think its a bad idea even though it would be great that he can live but Freak just cant cheat death and change his destiny. If his destiny is to die then you just have to face it its what you were made for.