Why do you think Grim tells Max that he's lucky?Edit

Grim tells Max he is lucky because he had a wonderful friend that cared about him, helped him realize he was really smart, and made Max feel better about himself. Freak was a great friend to Max because he didn't make fun of him or call him names like other kids. And helped him with reading and writing.

Why did Max lock himself in his room?Edit

Max locked himself in his room because he was very distraught over Freak's death. He stayed in the down under for a very long time. ! 


Whose advice did Max follow about writing the novel?Edit

Max followed Freaks advice in writing the novel about Freak the Mighty and their adventures.

What does Loretta mean by "Nothing is a drag"?Edit

What Loretta means when she says doing nothing is a drag means that when you can do so much, but instead you do nothing and just waste your time feeling bad about yourself it's a drag.