Recall that in chapter one, Max said that he did not have a brain until Freak came along. How does this chapter begin to explain what he meant?Edit

Because he does not make smart choices in life and does not stick up for himself

Do you think that it is important for the story that Freak enjoys the story of King Arthur? Why?Edit

Its important because freak loves knights and castles. Yes, king arthur could be important in the rest o the story.

Why do you think Freak is so interested in the armor that knights wore?Edit

He says in the chapter that King Arthur came up with the first "robot gear" and that Freak might compare that to his legs and the braces he uses for them.

Do you share the same opinion of “the tube” as Freak does?Edit

No, I don't know what this is. Same here

Do others’ opinions of us shape and affect how we feel about ourselves?Edit

It does for some, but not for everyone.

It can becasue if people's opinions about us are good we usually are happy, but when they hear negative opinions about themselves they get upset or mad.

How does Max feel when Freak talks about reading tons of books?Edit

Max feels uncomfortable, knowing that he has difficulty reading books. He may even feel left out because of his Learning Disorder (L.D.). Max probably feels embarrased because he doesn't know how to read very well.

Why do you think the Fair Gwen is afraid of Max?Edit

I think Gwen is afraid of Max because Gwen knows his father, and if Max is anything like his father, there are things to be afraid of...

Answer: Max's father is a criminal, seeing max, and seeing the resemblence to his father, she probably thought that is was his dad, the criminal.

I think Gwen is afraid of Max because of what his father did. I think she is also afraid of Max because he is so big and full of muscle.

I think she is afraid of Max because when she sees him she also sees his father because he is a spitting image of him and his father murdered his mother.