How do Grim and Gram feel when Max gets home?Edit

Grim and Gram first think that Max did something bad like his father would have done, but really they find out he is a "hero" to Freak by "saving" him .

What’s so different about Max getting a cup of coffee?Edit

Max has tried coffee before but his grandparents never knew that. So when Grim offered him coffee Grim was saying how proud he was of Max, showing Max that Grim trusts him, and saying Max is growing up..

Why do you think Max’ grandparents are acting differently than normal?Edit

They are acting differently because they realized that Max was saving Freak (the crippled boy) and they were so proud of him! They proabably thought that Max was in the police car because he did something wrong, but when they realized that he did something right they were happy!

They are acting differently because they are happy Max is not entering a life of crime like his father 

Compare Max’s usual summer to this particular summer.Edit

Max never really had any friends, but ever since Freak came along he has had a friend to do things with. He probably feels needed and loved by some one other than his Grim and Gram for the first time! He also is having more fun this summer with a friend. This particular summer something very eventful happened, for example like being chased by blade and his gang or going on quests, those are some things that made that summmer a summer to remember.

Why do you think Freak is so eager to do things?Edit

Freak is so eager to do things since he can't move around like a normal kid, but when he is with Max he can go anywhere because Max's legs are like his own legs.