Why is it an amazing gift to have such a vivid imagination?Edit

When you have such a vivid imagination it can make anything seem like it is really there and right in front of you. It helps in everyday life.

Why is this particular trip east so important?Edit

It is important to Freak because he shows Max the hospital where he is going to get a transplant for his body. Freak is going to be the first person to get the new technology that helps crippled people.

Why does Freak make Max keep the secret?Edit

Freak makes Max keep the secret because it is really important to Freak.

“Pain is just a state of mind. You can think your way out of anything, even pain.” Do you agree or disagree with this statement? Why?Edit

I agree. If you just keep your mind on something else your mind won't focus on the pain. You will slowly not be able to feel the pain anymore. (that is sometimes called going into shock)

I disagree, you can rather hurt a different part of the body and the other part won't hurt.

Do you think Freak is telling the truth or is he making up another story?Edit

I think he is telling the truth. I think he is making up another story.

What do you think Freak means when he says “Life is dangerous”?Edit

I think Freak means that everywhere you go in life, there will always be some kind of trouble because we live in a sinful world. People may want you to join a bad gang or they want u to take drugs. Everywhere you look there is a temptation, you just have to make good choices in life.