Spoiler Alert if you haven't read the book or watched the film adaptation!

thumb|link=Kevin "Freak" is one of the main characters in Freak the Mighty and its film adaptation, The Mighty, where his name is Kevin Dillon.


The first time Max met him was in daycare. Max always used to kick others, but he never kicked Freak (because he was unique in his own perspective). Freak had a big problem, he was short and had a disease called Morquio Syndrome in his legs and spine. Then Freak is gone and Max doesn't see him until the summer in 8th grade. Freak moves near Max. Freak gets his ornithopter stuck in a tree. Max helps him get it back, and they both start to bond. Eventually they become friends. Freak describes their friendship with parts of "The Legend of King Arthur". Freak thinks of Max and his self as King Arthur, he who slays fools and dragons and goes on dangerous adventures. Kevin dies at the end of the book after suffering a seizure from his heart growing too big for his body. In the movie, he has the seizure at a dinner and dies peacefully