Max the Mighty is a children's literature novel by Rodman Philbrick that was published in 1998. It is the lesser-known sequel to Freak the Mighty.


Maxwell Kane helps Rachel, nicknamed "Worm" because of her love of reading, run from her overly religious and abusive stepfather. Nicknamed "The Undertaker", he drives a hearse and wears all dark black clothing. The Undertaker accuses Max of kidnapping Worm, so Max and Worm run away with Dippy Hippie on his bus, the Prairie Schooner. Along the way, they meet two con-artists, Frank and Joanie, who read about Max and Worm and a money reward for finding them. Frank then turns them in, and Max and Worm have to leave the Prairie Schooner. To take them the rest of the way they hop a train with Hobo Joe and arrive in Chivalry, Montana. They go into a mining tunnel and Max discovers that Worm's birth father has already died in a mining accident. The Undertaker arrives there with the police and Max and Worm run away in the tunnels. They meet Dip, and Max's grandfather, Grim. The police catch them, and Worm runs back into the tunnel. Then she finds a magical unicorn and shes always hated unicorns because they remind her of her dad.she then kills the unicorn by strangling it. She thinks about committing suicide to be with her father, but Max talks her out of it. The book ends with Worm and her mother coming to live with Max and his grandparents. Max frequently mentions his old friend Kevin, also nicknamed Freak, throughout the book.