Maxwell Kane Edit


Maxwell "Max" Kane is the narrator and the main protagonist in Freak the Mighty. His mother, Annie, died when he was four years old. His father, Kenny, is a murderer who was arrested when Max was four years old. You can connect the dots. So Max lives with his grandparents, whom he calls Grim and Gram. They are both a little bit scared of him (which bind parents' dark, musty basement, which he named the Down Under because it was the further most away from his grandparent's vision ( which will be a BAD thing later on in the book) He hardly leaves his basement, except for meals and school, which he doesn't do too well in.

Freak the mighty

Max is LD (learning disabled) and has a hard time in school. He is in all sorts of special classes for kids who need extra help. But when a new kid, Kevin "Freak" Avery, moves into his neighborhood, all of that changes. Freak is 13, the same age as Max, but he is only a few feet taller. He has a physical deformity which causes him to grow on the inside, but not on the outside. He is a cripple, with metal braces on his legs. He walks with crutches and has trouble standing up without them. Freak, despite his physical disabilities, is a genius. He is a walking dictionary, spitting out words and facts. Freak and Max soon become close friends.Max greatly benefits from Freak. He gets put into Freak's advanced classes and is no longer depressed and lonely. Later in the book, Freak and Max form a duo called "Freak the Mighty" hence the name of the book. It is based on Kevin / Freak enormous amount of brainpower and Max's physical strength and height, combined to makers, a pretty wicked pair. Kevin\ Freak rides around on Max's shoulders and they go on "Quests" ( Freak's word for adventures ) doing deeds and other rather awkward activities, like saving purses from drains.