Freak the Mighty7

Chapter OneEdit

Unvanquished - undefeated, not overcome

L.D.- learning disability

resembles-to compare

departed-to go away from something or someone

borrow-ask for somethng and to promise to return it.

critter-a creature

daycare-A place where little kids go to be wached

Chapter TwoEdit

Mastadons - Prehistoric "furry" elephants

Fiend- a cruel, wicked, horrid, or mischevious person

observation-to look at something, to study someone or something.

miniature-image of something

slingshot-a weapon used with a rubberband.

Chapter ThreeEdit

Bulkhead - a framework with a sloping door that gives entrance to a cellar

Ornithopter - an experimental device that operates by flapping wings

fierce-extremely bad

crippled-disabled person or animal


crummy-dirty and cheap